“My only regret in taking golf lessons with Tom lies in the fact that I had not met nor known about him much sooner. However, I recall the old Buddhist saying that whenever the ‘Student Is Willing The Teacher Will Appear’. In my case I was willing to revamp my golf swing and what an instructor Tom turned out to be. It’s really difficult to describe through words, the great insights and benefits of Tom’s teaching but I will attempt to outline his excellence. (1) Everything is explained not just what can go wrong in the golf swing but more importantly what is scientifically correct. (2) The facilities at the indoor driving range are second to none. I was impressed with every facet, ranging from the video camera analysis to the various devices used to aid the golf swing. (3) I felt totally at ease throughout my golf lessons, this due to Tom’s easygoing yet professional manner and disposition. I found it very enjoyable. (4) Tom generally works within the parameters of the student’s unique golf swing or style, in other words he works with and greatly enhances what you already have. He’s merely illustrating, explaining and finally implementing a proven scientific method for the golf swing and the game in general. (5) Finally, this cannot be understood much less learned in a quick-fix-one-lesson approach. I would recommend you discuss with Tom what your aims are and see what lesson package best suits you. Happy golfing”.

Best regards, Damian Mc Donagh

”I had been playing golf for 17 years and from day one had researched the mechanics of the swing in an effort to understand what exactly was happening during the swing. I took golf lessons from countless sources around the country and beyond, read articles in monthly magazines, studied various golf instructional books and videos but never really got the answers I was seeking. Frequently the information from one source to the next conflicted and caused confusion. Three years ago I met Tom and based on our initial chat I decided to take a series of lessons with him. I finally found the answers to my questions. Even though I played single figure golf for virtually all my 17 years to that point I, like many others, suffered from inconsistency. One day I would shoot a round in the mid 70’s the next in the high 80’s. As a result of my lessons with Tom I now understand what I am trying to achieve and the nett result is that I am playing the most enjoyable and consistent golf of my life. I did not have to break my swing down to achieve this. As Tom puts it we added precision as we went along. Tom teaches and demonstrates the principles of The Golf Machine using clear simple understandable techniques. Provided the student is prepared to do a little work on his game he will undoubtedly reap the benefits of the knowledge imparted by Tom. The student need never again look beyond Tom and The Golfing Machine principles he teaches for answers to their questions.”

Regards, Martin O’Toole

“Based on the lessons I received I would say that I now have the necessary understanding to help me improve my game – but on the basis that I work on it. I do still feel that it is very technical and that it takes a while to get your head around the approach and understanding of the mechanics. I am still slightly concerned that it may take me longer to grasp all off the elements. I think it’s important to realise that there is no magic solution and that it takes work. In terms of the teaching I felt that you always gave over and above what you had too. Always answered any questions and often gave additional time. I found this very fair of you and beneficial to me. It was interesting and enjoyable – but now the hard bit starts – Developing it on your own”.

Cheers, Adrian Connell

“If you are serious about improving your game then The Golfing Machine is for you. It isn’t a quick fix, but if by now, you realise that this game needs thought and dedication, then in my opinion, there is no better system for understanding what you are doing. It is scientifically proven and taught by a top class coach.” 

Regards, Brendan McLaughlin

“As a beginner to golf I took the 6 lesson package with Tom. The focus of each lesson was on my golf swing and with Tom’s guidance he pointed out the flaws in my swing and also using video, he played backed my swings which I found very important in showing the position of my hands during a swing. I could then work on what I was doing wrong. I started on short swings and gradually built up to driving. Putting was also covered in the lessons. I found the lessons very beneficial and a great start for me. I would highly recommend contacting Tom if you need lessons.”

Regards, Olivia Staunton

“I have been playing golf for the last 30 years and despite playing off as low as 7 handicap I have always had a huge reliance on my short game to make amends for quite poor ball striking. I have listened to, read, digested and tried to put in to practice many of the countless “methods” and “techniques” that float around in the world of golf and all to no avail. A “new” technique would work at best for a couple of rounds and then inexplicably fail and I would then continue my search … does this sound like you ? Then I met and started to get tuition from Tom. What a revelation ! … It completely changed my outlook on the swing and its mechanics and at last I had found something that made perfect sense. Tom’s teaching is based on the unbreakable laws of physics and he treats the club as a tool that when used correctly will hit the golf ball towards the target as efficiently as possible. This sounds complicated but Tom makes it very understandable for the lay person with little tips and tricks that ultimately get you swinging the club correctly. I would highly recommend Tom and his teaching to both beginners and experienced players alike. It is never too early or too late to add precision to your game and understand why good and bad shots alike occur. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him many years ago … I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and won a lot of prizes !”

Regards, Alan Smyth

“I would just like to let your students know what a profound impact you have had on my golf game. I have been playing golf for almost 20 years now. I practiced all the time but I never got any consistent results. One day I would shoot a great round and the next day my game would fall apart. I tried lessons from various Pro’s I had the whole range of quick fixes and I even bought instructional videos as well as new better clubs, all to no avail. I came to the conclusion that you can never master the game of golf. Then I met Tom and he showed me a swing based on the laws of physics. It made perfect sense to me and it gave me consistent results. I can now hit the ball with confidence and accuracy consistently. My drives are longer and straighter with less energy spent. If you are fed up with playing left-right golf and you want to build a solid swing that will give you consistent results all the time then check out what Tom has to say. He knows more about the golf swing than anyone else I have ever met”.

Sincerely, Joe Jacobsen