Mullarney G.O.L.F. Instruction is based in Galway and in 2003 Tom became the first Authorised Instructor of  The Golfing Machine in Ireland. The Golfing Machine, written by Homer Kelley, is one of the most precise writings on the Mechanics of the Golf Swing. Since 1969 when Homer Kelly first introduced the book to the world of golf TGM has become the premier advanced learning system for professional golf instructors worldwide. TGM is based on science, simple geometry and physics and every daily activity  including golf is governed by these same laws. An understanding of  the science behind the golf swing enhances golf instructors observation skills and allow them to better analyze, diagnose and improve each student’s unique golf stroke.

“When better judgement is the margin of victory, it is misleading to give unscientific procedures the credit” (Kelley, 2006, p.3).

Over the last number of years Tom has worked with golfers of all levels from Beginner to Professionals and his philosophy is based on the approach that Knowledge is Power.

Therefore Tom is dedicated to helping you:

  • Improve your knowledge of the Golf Swing.
  • Understand and translate this information into an efficient motion.
  • Demonstrate how to repeat these motion and their variations.

Knowledge and Understanding will help you build and Demonstrate a better golf game.