The large choice of golf equipment options, with specialist shafts, grips, heads,Launch Monitor

and lie angles can be confusing. We have the expertise to help you identify the options that best suit your golf swing and physique.

Custom fitting is matching the ideal equipment to suit your individual requirements.

What can be Customized?

  • Shaft Length & Flex
  • Lie Angle & Loft
  • Grip type & thicknes


The Custom Fitting program will:

1. Identify which top branded (off-the-shelf) clubs that best suit you, or, may need some adjustments.

2. Provide you with top branded custom-built clubs.

Custom Fitting maximises your performance and enhances the enjoyment of your golf equipment.

We identify your requirements with the help of Accusports Vector Launch Monitor. Some of the parameters measured are club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin, total distance etc.

The VLM is a versatile shot analysis tool, which is able to record and analyze the split-second event when the golf club impacts the golf ball to produce a golf shot.

By interpreting the images obtained at impact the VLM is able to calculate the launch conditions imparted to a golf ball at impact. Launch conditions are defined as the golf ball’s initial direction, spin and velocity, which together dictate the subsequent flight of the ball.Accusport

As you hit shots, the VLM captures each shot’s launch conditions.

Once your launch conditions are known there certainly exists a combination of golf club and golf ball that can optimize your game.